Friday, April 15, 2011

Sometimes, life is hard!

It was a sad morning on the farm when my dad came in with a nearly dead calf in the loader bucket and the news that there were 2 more dead calves (all newborns) and 1 more that needed help... After trying to revive the 2 extremely cold and weak calves in the kitchen, they passed away, leaving us with a bad taste in our mouth for this cold, wet weather! We realized we need to check the cows more often than we have been during the night, so I'll be heading out at 1:00; Dad at 3 or 4; Andrew takes the next check.... Now that there's 8-9 inches of snow everywhere, with mud underneath, the only thing we can get around with in the pasture/lots is the tractor... I have a few pictures of snow to share, but first, here's a picture of one of the ways we communicated with Andrew while he was away for several days cleaning: I-pods sure are nice, especially when you can use them like this! (We're able to hear and see him, and vice-verse.) This picture was taken yesterday, around supper time.
...And this is what it looked like outside this morning!

It kept snowing for a good part of the day, although it was warm enough to melt the snow down to the driveway gravel/mud after Dad pushed a path with the loader.... These robins and sparrows weren't looking too much more fond of the weather than we were/are!

Poor birdie! Maybe it should have waited a couple more weeks before flying so far North?
Dad spent the afternoon cleaning out one of the pole-barns... The calves did find the calf shelter (the white building in the picture below) and stayed in there for part of the day.

For dessert tonight, I decided to try my hand at making my second Angel Food cake from scratch. The first one I mixed up, I tried to make it somewhat healthy, and it flopped, so this time I followed the recipe (you know, sugar and white flour) and this was the result:
It still didn't rise like a mix cake would, but it tasted pretty much the same.

Well, I think I'll try to get a little sleep in before heading out to the tractor to drive around in the dark, looking for cows/calves that need help. We would really appreciate prayer for warm, sunny weather once again! Losing calves is really sad!


Laura said...

Dear Miss Cora Beth,

Oh, my heart was sad this morning to read of your loss...and of all the snow you received. Sometimes it is difficult to understand why things happen the way they do...but we know that our Lord is in control...and His eye is on the sparrow. Please know that our family is holding yours up in prayer this weekend as you tend to your animals...especially the this wintry weather.

Praying the Lord's blessings on you all,
Mrs. Laura

Savories of Life said...

I too was very sorry for you about your loss. Wow all that snow. Where do you live- not in Mo brcasue we are havign rainy weather.

Cora Beth said...

Thank you so much, both of you for your prayers!!!!!! Living in North Dakota is definitely an adventure. There was nothing happening with the cow herd when I checked them at 1:00 last night, but when Dad went out later, one of my cows had a water-sack out her back end. He managed to chase her in the calving pen part of the barn by himself and then left her be for a couple hours so she could have the baby in the warmth of the barn, hopefully. Whne he and Andrew checked her later though, she wasn't any farther along, so they had to get her in the head-gate and pull the calf. Later, when Jacob and I went outside to do our part of the chores (feeding hay, grain and water to the goats and the cows that are locked in with their calves), and I saw that my calf was not licked off yet. I tried sprinkling some mineral and salt on the calf so she'd start licking the baby, but she took 2 licks and walked away. Soooooo, I rubbed the baby off somewhat with old towels, then Jacob (my 15 year old brother) and I locked my cow in the head-gate again and then held the calf up to the mama for some milk. Hopefully now that the calf is starting to stand, the mama will take her baby!

Thanks again for your prayers. May God bless you both with a wonderful weekend!