Saturday, April 16, 2011

We played Scotland Yard...

In fact, we played 3 games of it. "Mr. X" was not too successful in 2 of the games, but the last game went much better, from his (Andrews' that time) point of view! Have any of you played this game before, outside of Lane K. (who taught us)? :)

Dad and Andrew pulled one of my calves this morning. Then, my cow didn't want to take her baby (she wouldn't lick it off or anything), so Jacob and I worked with her for quite some time and, thankfully, this afternoon the baby was up and drinking on its own. Hooray!

The snow got somewhat melted, and pelted today. The boys and I had great fun crunching the sticky snow into odd shaped snowballs and throwing them back and forth. Thankfully, the sun came out for a while today and dried off the babies. We still have a lot of snow, but hopefully it will be gone in short order... Jacob and I also bedded down the calf shelter again for the babies to sleep in. One morning, my dad saw about 30 calves in there!

The peppers are finally starting to peak out of the soil where I planted them. I never realized they were so slow in germinating...

Well, here's wishing you all a great new week,


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Dawn Bornemann said...

Thanks, dear, for keeping our spirits up with your cheerfullness no matter what! The snow has to be gone for good some day.
Keep smiling,