Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cows and their babies...

We enjoyed a lovely Spring day out of doors, mainly working on our greenhouse (pictures coming soon)! We're also, as you know, busy with calving now, and had 7 calves yesterday and 6 today. Our guys saved one of my calves yesterday by getting it (and her mother) in the barn and feeding it some colostrum, as the baby was very weak. Then they got the mother in the head gate later and let the baby drink. They got her in again this morning, but tonight, the calf was drinking on its own, so I think they're out of the woods now. :) The following are some pictures that I took while on the back of the 4-wheeler, while Jacob and I were checking for new calves this evening.... Dad, bringing another bale of alfalfa in: Now he's cutting all the strings off of the bale and winding up the twine: Here is a picture Jacob asked me to take of his to-be-butchered steer:

A mother and her relatively new baby:
That little black speck is the last calf born today: (I think we're going to have some major fence fixing to do once all that snow melts away!)

Mamas and babies, enjoying life!

I also snapped a picture of Andrew milking Sally...

...and his hopeful audience!

The wild geese were flying over in bunches and bunches today. I aimed my camera towards a group, but it was so bright out that I couldn't really see what I was getting a picture of, so here is the result:

Spring is so wonderful, isn't it?

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