Friday, April 8, 2011

Giveaway deadline coming up, and another anniversary date~

I just wanted to remind you all that the deadline to enter my 2nd-year-of-blogging-celebration-giveaway is tomorrow (Saturday) around 5:00 (meaning it for sure won't be before 5, but might be a little later than 5.) Scroll down to my post from last Saturday to enter, if you so desire. :) Oh yes, I thought I'd say too that I'm willing to ship the package to someone out of the USA too, as I have a couple of friends that are not in this country and I don't wish to exclude them! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I realized today, while dating the cream "April 8th" after separating the milk, that it's been 1 year exactly now since I started working at the nursing home! My how time does fly!!! To me, it does not seem like I've been there a year already, but a couple of my coworkers have told me that it seems like I've been there for years. :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~We had some adventures with our cattle today... The first adventure happened this morning, after Dad finished feeding the cows. He noticed that one of the calves, Tag# B20 was really weak and wobbly and wondered why, as this calf is already a few days old. Then he noticed Jacob's cow, O4 running around, looking for her baby. He drove around a bit, looking for her baby too, and when he finally found the baby, he was frustrated with the sight that he beheld! #B20 (the cow) was claiming O4 (the calf) as her own for some reason and was abandoning her own baby... Soooooo, we had to get cow #B20 in the calving pen (and later in the head-gate) and then go get her weak little calf and take it to her mother so she could nurse. This afternoon, #B20 was letting her baby drink without being locked up and this evening, while out feeding cows, Dad saw that the O4s had reunited, so all is well, hopefully! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Our second cattle adventure came tonight when Andrew said that his milk cow, Sally was in heat and he wanted to get a bull in with her. We got one in the same pasture with her alright, but not for long! The bull was really dumb and kept running along the fence, wanting to get out while Sally tagged along behind him. He finally did crawl THROUGH the fence, back to his original pen, so then the guys went out and got a different bull in and locked him and Sally in a smaller pen so the bull couldn't break out. This was a smarter bull, thankfully, and Andrew should be getting a nice little calf in January, if all goes as planned. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We had hoped to get the plastic up on the greenhouse today, but it was very windy, so we are waiting for a nicer day to finish that project. There were many other things to keep us busy with in the meantime! One of the things we're doing to help heat our greenhouse is to put large, 50 gallon barrels in the greenhouse (some filled with water and some with oil) so the liquid will absorb the heat in the daytime and release it at night. The guys bring back a pickup box full of barrels that they've bought each time they go down to Titan and then they are lining them up against the black plastic wall. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mom and I were busy in the house today, cleaning and cooking mainly. I used a new razor blade to clean off the sides of my aquarium, as recommended by a friend of ours, and it worked really well! It did feel pretty funny though when I had my arm in the water (to clean the bottom of the glass inside the tank) and a fish came up and "Nibbled" on my arm! I baked 4 pies: 2 sour cream raisin; 1 chocolate pudding; and 1 peanut butter! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There were literally HUNDREDS of cranes in our corn field this morning and they kept flying around the farm all day, making their gurbly noises. We are located in the middle of one of the main flyways for birds, so we get to see and hear all kinds of God's flying creations! Sometimes, when the wild geese fly over head, our domestic geese will try to fly across the pasture or yard. They surprisingly get a few feet off the ground, but can't stay up for very long, on account of their liking their feed a little too much. :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well, that's a pretty thorough review of our day. I guess I didn't tell you about the Don Knotts movie we tried to watch this evening, but there really isn't much to tell, as we were only able to watch about a third of it, as either the tape is dying or our VCR is! I hope you all have a peaceful weekend, spent with those you love most.


Heather said...

What Don Knotts movie did you try to watch? We have a few of his movies. He's pretty funny.

Tessa Ligon said...

It is amazing how fast some dates can sneak up on a person. For myself I can't believe that Isaac will be 7 on the 11th and that Ronnie and I have another anniversary coming up on the 18th. Just have no idea how time flys by so fast.

Cora Beth said...

It is called, "No Deposit, No Return". I think our very favorite Don Knotts movie that we've watched has been "Hot Lead and Cold Feet"! :)

Cousin Tessa,
It's so good to hear from you again! Happy birthday and anniversary planning. :) That is VERY hard to believe about Isaac being 7 already! Wow, how time does fly!