Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Prairie Days website is updated! :)

I spent some time yesterday (and the day before) getting the new tentative schedule posted on the Prairie Days website and also updated a few other things. If you'd like, feel free to take a look at it HERE and let me know what you think. There will actually be a 1 day Appleseed Shoot on the Friday before Prairie Days (June 17th) this year, so hopefully many people can come for that too! I know my mom's cousin's family from WI (the mother in the family and one of their sons spent a few days with us last Summer) is hoping to be able to come for the whole time, so that will be really fun! Prairie Days is just such a great time of learning and of sweet fellowshipping with others, we've not missed a year since it started 9 years ago. The Dagleys asked me to do an old-fashioned hair-style demonstration again this year, so I agreed to do it for an hours time. Mom and I've talked about maybe doing a hair-cutting demonstration too, but the boys didn't think they'd want to be itchy for the rest of the day, so that probably won't happen, unless someone else volunteers to get their hair cut. :)

I'm not sure what all happened at home this afternoon/evening, as I was working at the nursing home again. It rained for most of the day again, but thankfully it's stopped now. There were 0 new calves today, so in a way, that was a good thing! The babies are much warmer in their mommies' tummies than they'd be out in the great big, wet world.

I hope we can plant a lot more in our greenhouse tomorrow, in the midst of cooking and baking and cleaning and calving........ It is so exciting to finally have a greenhouse!!!!!!!!!

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