Monday, June 13, 2011

And the countdown is on...

...It is only approximately 1 day and 19 hours until our relatives from WI arrive at our farm!
It is only approximately 2 days and 20 hours until we'll be at the Dagley's farm to set up camp!
It is only approximately 3 days and 9 hours until the Appleseed Shoot starts!
It is only approximately 4 days and 9 hours until Prairie Days begins! :)

(Just in case you were wondering.) ;)

We have so much to do yet to prepare, but Mom and I spent the morning in the garden instead of working on weekend preparations, as it was cool and wet and just perfect for transplanting. We HAD to get the squash plants out of the greenhouse, as they were nearly (and hopefully weren't) beyond the transplanting stage, and we don't want huge squash plants taking over the greenhouse!

Then, after a morning out of doors, I had to take a quick shower before heading for work after lunch, as I had mud on me from head to toe, pretty much literally.

We had hoped to get many painting projects done before our relatives come (the rest of the swings and playground equip. and the deck...) but it's just been raining so much that we haven't had a good painting day lately and, even when the sun does shine for a while, we're not sure if the paint will be dry before the daily evening rain shower comes.... We're praying hard for nice weather for this weekend so we don't all have to crowd into the Dagleys' house or barn/sheds for the demonstrations! God can do anything, we KNOW! I can just hardly wait for this weekend to come!!!! Although, I don't really want it to come too soon, as there's still so much to be done before then. :)

Gotta go sleep, if I can quit thinking about, and planning things. Did I mention that I'm doing an old-fashioned (and some not so old-fashioned) hair-styles demonstration again this year? This time, the demo. is limited to an hour though. (Last year, I did hair for most of the day. :) )

(A picture of me doing my mom's hair last year, and Hannah Dagley doing her sisters' hair...)

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Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Beautiful, Cora.
I'm happy for you and your family, and I pray ya'll will have fun! ;)
Sorry about all the rain. Send some down our way... well... not yet. :) Waiting to cut hay right now.
Love to you all!