Thursday, June 30, 2011

Class is over. :(

We had such a great time with our instructor/friend, Mr. K. that it was a sad time this afternoon when class was officially over and we said our goodbyes to our friends, old and new. Our family did have more time with Mr. K. though, as we helped him wrap up, box, and tape his things that will be shipped back to Georgia. Then we younger Bornemanns headed for home to do the milking while our parents had supper with Mr. K. and visited until quite late! In fact, they only got home a little while ago.... We learned a lot in the class and now get to experiment a lot! Should be interesting. :)

Andrew, Jacob and I did "Speed milking" tonight. Andrew sat on one side of Sally and milked while I sat on the opposite side and milked her other half. Jacob meanwhile was holding her very messy tail so we wouldn't get a face-full! It didn't take long to milk out her nearly 2 gallons of milk, which made the kitties and Anthony (our bottle calf) all the happier, as they didn't have to patient for quite as long as usual. ;)

Well, hopefully now I can get back to more regular posting. I do go work in town tomorrow, so may be pretty tired by the time I get finished, we'll see. In fact, I'm quite tired now, so perhaps I should just get some sleep!

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Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Well, good! I'm so happy ya'll had so much fun. May Jesus bless you and your family.
I had to smile when I thought of you and Andrew milking together... April and I actually have done that together a couple of times. :) It's so wonderful to have siblings. The Lord is Good.
Be blessed, you friend, Carra