Saturday, June 11, 2011


We had a very much needed delightful and restful day today.

Outside of playing the game I'd bought a couple days ago, and watching a movie we got at the thrift store a couple weeks back, we also read from the story of John Birches' life; sang hymns in the living room; I worked on my dress for a while (it's still not finished, but I'll get it done in time!); we dressed up our puppets for some Bible scenes they'll be reenacting at Prairie Days; I talked to Mrs. Dagley and Hannah D. about P.D. plans and updated the website--probably the last time before the actual event; Andrew and I dug out some of our unusual instruments to take along and enter in the "Instrument Petting Zoo"; Mom found one of my dresses that she likes and will wear to Prairie Days; and now I just uploaded the pictures that were on my camera from this week and thought I'd post them here tonight.

This is from a few days back, when the guys helped me with the big black plastic project...
Done! Now to just get it all planted.... It's been so wet lately, which we're really not complaining about, as the crops need the moisture. I'm just so thankful that we have a greenhouse so I/we don't feel so terribly behind. Did I mention that we've had a lettuce salad already and that the peas are blooming?

Here is proof that you just never know what you'll see when you look out your front window:

This next picture is pretty dark, but if you look closely, you'll be able to see what our Friday, "Clean-up the living room" task would entail...

Our dear former neighbor and friend, Gladys was back "Home" a couple days ago with her daughters to start on the long task of cleaning out her house. Her husband passed away last year, shortly after she'd had a fall, at which time they needed to move closer to family in Fargo. Now she's going to sell her place, so was going through things and gave us a bunch of her (and her husbands') clothing to go through.

While digging through the bags, we discovered this cute porcelain prairie doll! We're contemplating taking it to Prairie Days to decorate a table with or something, but as she is delicate, she may be staying home....

Our jolly good fellows had fun going through the box FULL of hats! Andrew tried on a few for size, or was it for laughs?

I did not post last night (did anyone notice? :) ) as my computer was still hooked up to the projector and everything after we watched an old-time movie, and by the time I discovered it was so, I was already ready for bed and quite tired, so I just hopped in. It was amazing how refreshed I felt at 7:00 this morning! I think I'll get right to bed now, even though it's too late to be early.

I wanted to thank you all for your thoughtful comments on my last post. I'll be going to work in town again tomorrow and will find out then if that resident has passed away yet or not. I'm not really looking forward to going... This is the 11th resident death that's happened in the 1+ year that I've worked there. So far, the Lord has been merciful and I have not had to actually see someone pass away, for which I am very grateful..... I imagine it will happen one day though, if God still has work for me to do there.

So as not to leave you on a sad note though, I'll share the link to the Prairie Days website once more: (again, for the last time before the event ;) )

...and will also share a fun song:

~Enjoy it in this, nearly, good old Summer time!


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Dear Cora,
That is a nice post. :) I love the pictures. It's very nice. I hope that you are strengthened working at the nursing home. It is hard to see anyone pass away. But we must remember that everyone has a time, and if we serve Jesus in that person's life, and show them Christ, and give them the opportunity to know Him, we have done our duty, and can only leave the rest in the Lord's hands.
I am praying for you.
You have such a fine blog. Thank you for posting. :)
All my love to you.

Miss Linda said...

I always enjoy reading about the happenings on your farm. How exciting that you have already harvested some of your lettuce and peas!

It must be quite a task to go through all the items that your neighbor has bequeathed to you. The porcelain doll looks absolutely precious. I hope you can pass that down to your own daughter one day! :)

I can't wait to see pictures of your dress. I'm sure it will be quite beautiful.

Noooo, tell your brother to take all those hats off!! They make him look 8 feet tall rather than his usual 7 feet! :) I can just imagine the laughter and fun that was had with all those hats!