Sunday, June 12, 2011

And yet another storm!

I just returned home from work in town and we are once again in a wild thunder/rain/wind storm, even as I type, so I think I'll post this and shut down my computer.... Please pray for ND tonight as there's quite a rain system pouring through our state right now, and there've also been a few tornado touchdowns spotted..... Thank you!


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

I am praying Cora Beth. May Jesus bless ya'll!

Laura said...

Dear Miss Cora Beth,

So sorry to hear that you are experiencing more storms in ND. We have had several more days of rain...which has been very difficult on local farmers in New England. We still have not planted our potatoes...which usually are up a foot by now. The ground is simply too wet. One of our new fruit trees needs to be replanted today because the roots are rotting from all this water. Still, it is all in the Lord's hands...and we are so thankful for all He provides for us each and every day.

Joshua shared at breakfast that he had a wonderful time talking with your brother, Andrew last night! He said that he had a chance to meet your mama and Jacob as well. Isn't technology amazing! I'm so glad that they have been able to connect...and share common interests.

How is your dress coming along? Wish we lived closer...I could help you finish it. I have been working on several sewing projects as of being a "quilt as you go" quilt made out of vintage sheets. I have also been working on some doll clothing. The prairie doll that you all came across is darling! What a treasure...

Please know that I am holding you and those at the nursing home in my prayers. It is so hard to see folks we are close to suffer and go through trials. But the Lord has placed you there for a purpose, my dear, and you can find comfort in knowing that you are easing burdens and bringing joy.

Praying for a sunny day in ND (and Maine!) today!
Sweet blessings,
Mrs. Laura