Monday, June 20, 2011

The silence is broken.....

A big hello to all you dear blogging (and otherwise) friends!

As was expected, Prairie Days was a delight once again! :) This post, sadly, will not have any pictures, as our day went something like this (and now that the day's over, I'm too tired to stay up much longer): We had company still this morning and then, around 10:00, when they all left, we moved our bulls up to pasture to be with the cows; next we did some dishes, then ate a big lunch; then I headed for work in town and just a little while ago, returned home..... I did put the 358 pictures that were on my camera onto my computer, but have not looked through them yet...

There is, however, a way to see a few pictures and to read a nice summary of this years Prairie Days at the Dagleys and that is by visiting the Krahn family's blog, Green Pastures Farm! It was SO neat to actually meet blogging friends in person! We felt like we knew the Krahn family, as we've read their blog for quite some time, and it was great fun to actually meet them and have them be pretty much how I'd imagined them to be. (Thank you all for coming this year!!!)

Then too, there were many old friends to see and catch up with, plus there were new friends to be made, so the last 5 days have truly been delightful (although somewhat short of sleep)...

And so, until I have more energy/awakness to dig into that photo file, I think I'll say good night and be off.

Look for more to come~


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Dear Cora,
It's great to hear from you again! :)
So glad you had such a good time.
Hope you rested well, and may the Lord Jesus bless your day!
All the best!

Anonymous said...

Dear Cora,
I really enjoyed meeting you. We all had a lot of fun and wished we could have stayed for the whole thing. I'm looking forward to seeing your picture post.
Miriam K.

Kristi said...

Thank you for passing on the Krahn family's blog. I so enjoyed reading it and seeing even more pictures, including Priscilla's Indian dress that I didn't see while at Prairie Days. I can't believe you took 358 pictures! That sounds so overwhelming to go through all those and pick out the ones for your version of the Prairie Days story (and you're not even done!) Thanks so much for doing that, as it was a real blessing for us and brought back such fond memories of our whole week.