Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We mooooved our cows!

This morning, when chores were finished, we got the cows and calves locked behind the barn in the corral, and then sorted off all the cows and kept the calves back. We then ran them through the chute and tagged the ones that had not been tagged yet. Next, we caught the calves that were too small to make the approx. 5 mile journey to the pasture and put them in the stock trailer. Finally, we let all the rest of the calves back out with their mothers and then Dad called our hunting friends (Gaylin and his friends), as they wanted to help with the cow moving. Jacob and I then went out and rounded up the cows again (Jacob on his dirt-bike and me on the smaller 4-wheeler) while the others made sure everything else was ready and helped unload the "Mule" (it's kind of like a giant 4-wheeler with a roll-cage on it) when the guys got here. Things went pretty smoothly, outside of when the Mule got very stuck in a wet area... I had to leave with the 4-wheeler before we had the cows all the way to their new pasture ground, as I had to be to work in town at 2:00 and needed to change clothes, put my hair up, and eat something before I took off. It was a little after 1:00 when I left the cattle moving scene, and I clocked in at work at 1:58, so all worked well.

I just got back a little while ago and am quite tired. At work, several high-school aged girls are completing their training to be CNAs, so my CNA partner and I each had a young lady to train. As it was their first day "Out on the floor", they mostly watched and asked questions. As I watched these girls learn, I was reminded of how much I've really learned this last year, with God's help of course! I'm still learning though, every day, and am glad when I can work with a seasoned CNA to learn how to better care for the residents there.

But, enough of that. It's time to sleep, and sleep I shall! Good night to all.~


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Beautiful Cora. :) Thanks for visiting my blog. I loved hearing from you. I would like to have cattle like that. We have had a couple... but no more than that. May Christ Jesus bless! By the way, it seems that soooo... many people are having trouble with comments. Thank the Lord yours did come through!

Miss Linda said...

I hope this comment goes through. Ive had a lot of trouble posting comments on blogs for about a week now.

Your day sounds very full! You are such an inspiration to me. You continue to be a blessing to your family and those you serve at the nursing home.