Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Please pray for the Bismarck area...

Mother, Andrew and I were in Bismarck today and saw the reality of what is going on there, with the river rising (due to them letting out water from the dam upstream which was getting too full to be safe) and everybody scrambling to get sandbags around their homes and places of work. Please be in prayer especially for the people whose homes are in danger, and who've consequently, had to evacuate. I've included links to a couple websites with more information/pictures:



Also, here's a video that I found on You-tube of a sand-bag filling station:

And here's another that someone took outside their home by the river!

As Mother noted, one good thing that may come of all of this is that the residents of this city may become more united and neighborly as a result of needing to work together to accomplish the jobs that need doing to preserve their city...

Meanwhile, here in the country, our water levels are higher than usual also! The road South of our farm has been under water for some time now, and today, my dad went up to see how the pasture (and fences) faired the Winter and he found the water level greatly increased there... The flowing well is completely surrounded by water and the tanks there are just floating (probably a 4-5 foot increase in water levels from last year.) What used to be several small lakes in the different cells of the pasture is now one big lake! Also, our hunter friends found their drill (which they left in the corner of a part of the pasture last Fall) completely under water. Dad had to pull them out again today too (this time it was their 2 pickups that were stuck and not the tractor.)

So, if you would say a prayer today for those of us with too much of a good thing (that wonderful, and yet in ways, terrible liquid), that would be greatly appreciated!

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Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

I am praying for ya'll. Cora Beth, I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work. May Christ bless ya'll!