Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just a few more geese to go...

Andrew knocked on my bedroom door this morning, wondering if I'd come help catch geese. The man he was cleaning for (he and his family are friends of ours, actually) wanted to buy 4 geese, 2 pairs if possible. Sooooooo, Dad, Andrew and I ran around the farm for a while, cornering then catching the noisy white birds. Andrew hauled them in 2 kennels that we tucked in on his grain cleaning trailer wherever there was room. He said they made the journey just fine. :) Now we only have about a dozen geese left. The 5 that are setting haven't hatched anything out yet and we're beginning to wonder if they're going to?

After the grain cleaners in our family left, the remaining members of our 5-some did the morning chores. Suzie, (Andrew's milk cow heifer) is getting into the routine of things and, by the time I've got Sally in, milked her and opened the barn door to let her out, Suzie is coming in the door, headed for the stall. She doesn't give a lot of milk, due to a certain Sweet Pea (her calf), but she gives enough to feed the cats!

I was over at our neighbors' house today from 9 to 6, babysitting Amelia, James and Michael while their mom went to Bismarck and their dad was working. We ate tacos for lunch (my favorite) and had a lot of fun outside after naps were over. We blew countless bubbles and then I took them on a little-green-wagon ride. Their dog, Maggie, kept bringing sticks over to us, so I'd throw them for her and she'd usually bight the stick in half before she'd bring it back. I ended up finding some thicker sticks to throw! :)

Dad and Andrew cleaned in very different parts of ND, but they both arrived home at the exact same moment, just in time to share a cocoa milk shake before heading for bed.

Speaking of bed, perhaps I should head there myself!

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