Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope that all mothers who are reading this had a truly wonderful day! Here is my mama, enjoying the new game we children gave to her. :) (Has anyone else played Apples to Apples--Bible edition? It's quite fun!)

(Love you Mother!)
Since I last wrote, there are a few more mothers that are enjoying their KIDS. :) My goat, Tulip had twin bucklings today:

Playing with my adorable new kid:

Also, yesterday, my goat Fay had triplets! This time, I got some girls, 2 girls and 1 boy. :) I'm hoping Fay will be able to provide enough milk for all those hungry little mouths, although they'll have to take turns drinking!

Yesterday my order of dwarf fruit trees came, so I planted them in the greenhouse today...

As I headed for the greenhouse, I snapped this picture of the guys, discussing something in their very busy shop!

Thankfully, they came over to the greenhouse then, as there was a robin who obviously got locked in over night and it wasn't finding the open door to get out. Andrew had to climb up on the barrels to catch it and then he released it outside. The following two pictures are of the animals we're "Doctoring". This calf must have got stepped on, as its shoulder seems to be out of place. It was scouring and dehydrated when we first noticed it, but now it seems to be doing well health-wise. We're not sure yet what to do about its shoulder?

This is Lydia, the cow that got stabbed with the loader bucket tooth... She's lost a lot of weight, but she is up and moving around more now, so we're hoping and praying that she'll pull through yet!

And to end: Here's a picture of Mother, enjoying somebodyelses' kids. :) (These 2 doelings were the first ones born this year.)

I wonder if there will be any more new babies in the morning???


Laura said...

Good Morning Miss Cora Beth,

Thank you so much for the sweet comment that you left on my blog. I had a wonderful Mother's I'm sure you're momma did too from the looks of things!

We love the game "Apples to Apples" but didn't know that there was a Bible edition! We'll have to check that out!

We planted some dwarf trees this cherry and pear. We have some apple trees to plant (we raised them from seeds and they are about two years old now)but aren't going to do this until we take down a few poplar trees by the pond. My husband would like to start a small apple orchard there.

Your goats are soooo cute! This spring we are putting a new wood shed on the end of our barn...and the guys are going to frame in one section of it for milking goats. I can't wait...we have some friends that have goats that we get milk from...they have nigerian dwarf cross...which seem to be good little milkers. Do you have any recommendations for better milking goats?

So glad to hear that the cow is doing better. Hopefully she be up and about soon...gaining back the weight she lost.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!
With love,
Mrs. Laura

Rachel said...

I know I've played 'Apples Apples' before but I don't think it was the Bible edition.
All the new kids are so cute!:)

Miss Linda said...

So many "goings on" on your farm! I hope your mother had a joyous and blessed Mother's Day. I appreciate your telling me about the game. I'm always interested in games that incorporate a Bible theme.

I truly enjoyed reading all about the different activities on your farm. What kind of fruit trees are those? I pray that the cow who was injured will recover, and the little calf will also continue to get better. It must be so exciting to be on your farm right now, wondering what new little babies will be found with each new dawn!

Thank you for sharing all the interesting news. Have a blessed week.

Dawn Bornemann said...

Thank you, dear Cora, for all that you did to make Mother's Day super special for me this year. I so enjoy having a nice-looking teapot again!! Also, I have a blast with the new game and I can see that it is one that will get played again and again around here--good choice!
Thanks also for this wonderful post--you know how I love those adorable little kids each Spring!
May God bless you richly for being the wonderful daughter that you are to me! How I have loved being a mother to you and to your brothers.
I hope that you're feeling well soon!