Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A hop, skip and a jump... what our kids do all the time, but especially when we set the pails and troughs up for them to have some fun jungle-gym time! My little "Calamity Jane" (the brown kid on the white pail) especially loves pail-jumping and will go back and forth between the blue and white pails for several minutes before tiring of that and deciding to go push her sister off the trough instead. :) We discovered 2 more kids this morning when we went out to the goat barn! Nearly all of the goats are done kidding now. We've been milking a few of our best milkers, as they produce more than enough for their kids. Goat's milk shakes anyone?
This next picture is for you, Miss Linda. :) The pattern I'm kind of following is called "Women's Panel Dress" and is from the Common Sense Patterns company ( . The fabric is mostly cotton, the majority of it (the blue/green dots part) being some that I purchased with my graduation money several years ago, but have never used! The colorful squares of fabric where a gift from a very dear friend of mine for my birthday this year, and the lace is from a lady who gave me all of her sewing supplies many years ago....

Well, I know you're probably tired of reading me say this :), but I'm really tired as I just got home from, yes, working in town at the nursing home. Thankfully, I'm done now for the week and can work on projects at home! The grass really needs mowing, although thankfully the guys were able to get one rider-mower repaired this morning and Mother mowed around the house, so we've got a start on it.

Andrew is off helping farmer Dave again today and tomorrow, (he, Dad and Jacob cleaned our oats seed this morning before he left though), so I'll be milking in the morning. :) Dad, Mom and Jacob worked in the fields all afternoon and evening (except Jacob came back and did the chores), and we can now see the finish line in site. If only there weren't so many rocks to pick between here and that line though, right Jacob? ;)


Rachel said...

Oh, I love that pattern! I've been eying it for a couple years now. ;) It's soo pretty! :D You'll look lovely in it I'm sure! :)

I was *soo* very happy to finally complete most of my sewing yesterday! Hurray! :D I still have two aprons for myself and some other misc. projects to do, but they can wait till after our guests come. ;) I have all the "necessary" things done at least. :)

The fabric squares are lovely too! Such charming colors! :D And her points meet up so beautifully too (I have such a hard time still getting mine to line up "perfectly). ;) HeHe! I hear that's what makes it your own and original. ;) Lol!

Yeah! I'm glad they were able to fix one of the mowers to cut the grass! :D Do they fine you there in ND if you let your grass get too tall...or is that just a city thing? ;) Lol! Because here in DE...they fine you if you don't cut your grass. :P How silly. ;)

Love and Hugs dear friend! :D
Happy sewing and have a blessed week!

Laura said...

Good Morning Miss Cora Beth,

My, my, you have been a busy girl! But then spring on a farm is always busy...isn't it! I really love the material you have chosen for your dress...and I am a big fan of common sense patterns. I am presently working on some house cotton for summer...out of some vintage sheets I found at the local thrift shop!

I so enjoy reading about your goat's escapades. I am really looking forward to when we add dairy goats to our small farm...hopefully this summer!

Take care and God bless,
Mrs. Laura

Miss Linda said...

Ohhhh, that lace is absolutely exquisite!!!!! I LOVE all the fabric, and that dress is very beautiful. In fact, the skirt part of the dress looks very much like a favorite new Simplicity skirt pattern I recently bought. I've already made two skirts with it--it has a gathered front part very much like your dress pattern at the waist.

I really do like that pattern too. Thank you so much for sharing the link.

I love to see what other people are sewing. I am in my sewing room for the long Memorial Day weekend, in fact in a few minutes I am leaving to go pick up thread for several upcoming projects, since thread is on sale right now at my local fabric store.

Please keep letting us know what you are doing iwth your sewing projects. I love to see your projects and read about them (although I know you must be extremely busy with your farming duties right now).

Goodness, that lace is beautiful. I cannot WAIT to see your finished dress!!!!!