Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Have YOU ever had a shoe full of flax?

This has been a very busy day on the farm, one that, at the end of the day, it seems like yesterday when the happenings of the morning transpired! I thought at least 5 times over the course of the day that I'd like to have a picture of this or that, but the day went on and, alas, I only got pictures of the fun Jacob and I had this evening, so that will have to do I guess. :)

Here's a quick overview of our day:

  • Did morning chores (milking, taking care of baby goats and bottle calves, feeding hay, water and grain)

  • Dad fixed the hitch on the big seed-drill

  • Jacob worked on working up the South field with the big white tractor, pulling the vibra-shank

  • Mom and I went to town and picked up our beef from the 2 steers we had butchered

  • Dad helped us get the freezers filled up (I'm so glad I got the big freezer cleaned out yesterday so it was ready to go this morning when the meat locker lady called...!)

  • Opened the greenhouse (it was 90 degrees inside before noon)

  • Made beef stew with dumplings

  • I headed out to the field on the 4-wheeler to pick up Jacob for lunch but ran out of gas half-ways there and walked the rest of the way. When my brother and I walked to the 4-wheeler again, Jacob showed me that the ATV has a reservoir tank, "For such a time as that", so we rode home the rest of the way and then filled the tank with gas!

  • After lunch and dishes, Mom went out to finish the field.

  • Dad and Jacob finished welding the hitch and getting things ready to go again

  • I made a batch of bread and a pizza crust

  • Mom came in the yard for fuel, then headed West to "Fern's up North" (about 10 miles away) to began working up that ground so Dad can seed there tomorrow

  • I dug some dirt from the garden and filled up our many flower pots, then planted the Petunias and Pansies Mother had purchased while in Bismarck...

  • I also raked up the pine-cones that were under the pine trees, and raked off some of the excess goose-droppings across the road on our playground lawn

  • Dad and Jacob headed out with the tractor/drill and the truck with seed on it and asked me to bring the 4-wheeler down too

  • We filled the huge drill using buckets, Jacob and I being in the truck, up to our knees in flax, filling the pails for Dad who then took them from us and dumped them in the drill (thus the shoes FULL of flax--a very funny feeling!)

  • Dad planted the whole field

  • Jacob and I ate a quick supper; worked on getting Jacob's outfit ready for a play he and Andrew are possibly going to do at Prairie Days; and then worked on chores

  • Dad came in the yard with the tractor and drill once he was done and said Jacob should go get Mom as she was done with that field and it was getting close to dark

  • Dad held the goat I needed held while I helped get the kids in the right place to nurse (while we were doing this, we noticed Jacob's goat, Jane was in labor and she later had one huge buckling)

  • While Dad fed the cows some hay, I started working on emptying the drill (yes, again with buckets for the most part, except then Dad got out the handy vacuum "Thing" that sucks the grain out and spits it into the truck)

  • Dad came and helped when he was through with feeding and we were almost done by the time Mom and Jacob returned home

  • Jacob helped Dad then, fueling up the tractor and getting things ready to go in the morning

  • Closed up the greenhouse

  • Mom and I made hamburgers with our meat--hooray for "Real" meat!

  • Listened to Andrew's message on the phone, saying he may be home tomorrow night, especially if it rains

  • While Dad and Mom ate, Jacob tried on the outfit we'd put together earlier

Do you have any guesses of who he's acting like??? :)

I praise the Lord for the safety He granted for us all this day and for the many, many seeds that went in the ground! If you would, please join us in praying for the rain to stay away for a few more days so all the farmers can get the crops in. It is getting late already and is high time to get the seeds in the soil.... Jacob told me yesterday of something he read about some farmers paying to have their crops planted by helicopter as the ground is just too wet to drive on with equipment! How does that old saying go?: "When there's a will, there's a way"....

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Mia said...

Hi there Cora Beth! :) Sounds like you had a busy day! I'll send out a hurrah for REAL meat with you--delicious and natural. ;) Sounds like you did a lot of baking and cooking today (stew, bread, pizza crust, hamburgers)! It all made me hungry... :) As for who your bother might be acting as.. I'm afraid Gommer Pyle (U.S.M.C.) and Sheriff Ep Bridges (Waltons) came to mind, although I'm probably way off. :)
It was nice heading over to your blog to see how you were doing! Have a blessed day,