Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthday pictures and good news!

I'm finally getting around to posting Dad's birthday pictures!

Mother took this one of Jacob holding a picture of (what he says is) the ideal alarm clock! :) He then used the paper to wrap up the cap he bought and gave to Dad...

She also took this one of me wrapping one of the gifts I gave my dad, a couple of "Food" videos: "King Corn" and "Food Inc.".
And this is the beautiful birthday cake that (*blush*) I didn't make.... Mother knew I wasn't feeling up to baking a cake this time, so she bought this one at Sams. The guys said the bow tasted like glue, but other than that, the cake was pretty tasty. :)

We didn't have enough candles, but Mom wanted a few on there, so she made a little circle of candles, one candle for each person at the birthday party.

I had brought these tulips inside the night before Dad's birthday so they would open up and be looking their beautifullest. :)

After feasting, it was gift opening time....

Andrew, taking pictures, while Jerome is in the background, looking at the new nature book that Mother gave to Dad.

The big present (one we all bought together) was a 3/4" air wrench. Dad was pretty happy about that one, as he can use it to take his semi tires off with, amongst other things, instead of having to borrow Tobys' down at Titan Machinery. :)

It was truly a nice day!

The good news I mentioned in my post title is that we cleaned 2 totes full of our Organic spring wheat this morning. Andrew used his cleaner which has a gravity table on it, which can get the grain cleaned to food grade. Dad and I held open the totes while Andrew adjusted his machine to make sure it was doing it's best job. We now have wheat we can sell!!!! ;)

While we were cleaning, Mom was busy in the house and Jacob was driving the big red tractor in the field, working up the ground so Dad could plant corn later today. Hooray!

Then I went to town and mailed some packages and then worked all afternoon and evening at the nursing home. I'm sure much more happened around the farm today that I am unaware of, so if it was anything earth shattering (Jacob's job today really was earth shattering!), I'll tell you all about it tomorrow night.

Until then,


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Miss Linda said...

Oh, it looks like you had such a wonderful day. I'm so glad you shared these pictures with us. That looks like a pretty nice air wrench! I think gifts like that--gifts that make daily life easier--are the very best gifts!

The cake looks lovely, but I'm sure it wasn't as nice as one that you would have made yourself (those store-bought baked goods never are). I think it was very thoughtful of your mother to get a cake, since you were not quite back to full strength yet. I do hope you are feeling back to normal now.