Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Mother realized...

(A picture of our farm that I took today while waiting for Jacob to get to the end of the field so I could pick him up for lunch.....)

Tonight, as Mom was talking to Andrew (after he called saying that he was done with helping Dave now,) I overheard her say that, as she was discing this afternoon, she realized that our whole family was driving a tractor today at the very same time!

Robert: Seeding

Dawn: Discing (the last field!)

Cora: Picking rocks

Andrew: Plowing

Jacob: Harrowing

How's that for cooperation? :)

I also took some pictures of Jacob, doing some "Real" farming. You know, I don't think he's played Farming Simulator for a few days now. He says he likes the real thing a lot better!

It was a really windy day, (see the dust?) but the harrowing needed to be done before the corn pops up...

If you look closely, you can see a couple of the Laughing Gulls that follow the tractors whenever there's new ground being worked up. (They love the bugs/worms that they can find in the newly turned soil.) Their call really does sound like someone laughing. :)

I also took a couple pictures of Mother, working the ground with the Wishek disc.

Mother's spent countless hours in this tractor over the years and, though the brakes and the air conditioner don't work currently, which can be frustrating and hot, they get along pretty well. :) Mom later went over the same field with the vibra-shank to break up some of the big clumps that the disc leaves behind.

As I noted already, I picked some rocks today: 2 buckets full, or nearly full, to be exact. The ground Mom was working is the field that we broke up a couple years ago, so there are still lots of rocks that pop up each time someone digs there....

Once my bucket was full, I dumped the rocks in this big hole that we had the railroad men dig with their big backhoe while they were getting our rocks last year. Once this hole (it's about 12 feet deep!) is nearly full of rocks, Dad will push the pile of dirt over the top and we won't have a rock pile to deal with. :)

In between everything, Jacob got the lawnmower started for me (it was being temperamental) and I mowed the playground area across from our house. I also made bread, as we were completely out again.

Once Dad was done seeding over by Hazelton, he brought the tractor and drill home and had Jacob and I empty the drill of alfalfa and then fill it with white wheat seed for our last field, while he welded something on the hitch and fixed a hose that had burst. He wasn't able to start planting though, as about this time it started to sprinkle and he and Jacob scrambled to get all the seed/grain in the Quonset. Then it was chores time (it was actually 9:00PM already by that time,) and then we had a very late supper.

Oh yes, I forgot to say that Jacob and I took down the electric fence that was around last years' corn field. It was in the way of the tractors...

Those were the highlights of the day. Now I think I'll turn on the no-lights and get some sleep as my legs, arms and eyes are very tired and sore tonight! The others are sore and achey too (bouncing around in a tractor all day for days on end gets pretty old, so I'm told.)

Praise the Lord for a time each day to sleep and be refreshed. May you also be renewed in the morning.~


Miss Linda said...

You have been quite busy indeed, haven't you Cora Beth? I do really enjoy reading all about your farming tasks. I had never heard of laughing gulls before! I hope you are blessed with fruitful crops this year.

Dawn Bornemann said...

What a great post, Cora. You have no idea how joyfilled I am that we finished up before Sabbath!
Your tired Mama

Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Blessings to you Cora Beth. :) Nice work! hope you felt better today!