Monday, May 23, 2011


This day was filled with usual things, so I will not go into detail. Let's just say that "Bupkis" (yiddish for "Nothing") much happened. I am very tired as it was a constantly busy day at the nursing home for me, so I think I'll do "Bupkis" more tonight and go get some sleep!

Sweet dreams~

PS. Oh! I just remembered something that wasn't "Bupkis" at all! Jacob did all the chores by himself tonight (including milking Sally for, I believe, the very first time!) Dad and Mom were over working in the fields by Hazelton and Andrew's off helping that farmer friend again, so the chores were left to Jacob to be done, and so, he did them. :) Good job, brother!

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Miss Linda said...

Hope you were able to rest a bit last night. I'm sure you were quite tired from your day of work at the nursing home. By the way, your blogger background is so very lovely! :)