Saturday, May 21, 2011


We had a very nice time with the S. family here today! They arrived around 11:00AM and we visited for a while before sharing the noon meal. Then Mr. S. talked about his calling in life and shared some materials that he's found helpful. It was great to visit with people who think along the same lines on many key issues of the family and home! The S. children are very sweet and thoughtful and it was truly a delight to have their family here. (We met the S's briefly a couple months ago at the "Home school day at the capital".)

Later this afternoon, we headed out of doors, to see the baby animals; to play in our "Park"; and to dig up some rhubarb plants (they didn't have any!).

The Dads, visiting...

The Moms, swinging... :)

The younger people, teetering...!

All 4 of the S. children loved the goats! Here they're all trying to catch themselves a kid... We had to help the littlest girl, Pristine, catch a kid several times, as she kept letting them go. :)
Andrew, playing with a kid on the ground, while Liberty and I rock our babies to sleep... :)

It was truly a delightful day, except for the hail that came this evening, along with 70 hundredths of an inch of rain. It made me glad that we don't have our garden planted yet!


Kimberly said...

We saw the storm clouds last night and thought we would get hit hard. It was nice to see the lightning and hear the thunder. But I was relieved we didn't get much rain last night as we got a lot early Sabbath morning. It was a slippery ride to church.

I am doing better but Leah and Tim were both ill yesterday.

Glad you had such a nice Sabbath! Those kids look like a lot of fun.

Miss Linda said...

Oh what a wonderful, special day of fellowship! Thank you for sharing this special time.

I live in an area where the hail can be particularly devastating (sometimes we get hail the size of grapefruit--a terrifying event). I know how destructive it can be and I am thankful that you had not yet planted your garden as it would surely have been decimated. I pray that your bad weather is behind you now and that there will only be sunny skies and gentle reains ahead!