Friday, May 6, 2011

A 1 day vacation!

As our guys are nearly done with the grain cleaning season, they decided to take the day off so we could go as a family to an auction sale of a guy my parents knew in SD... There was something big on the sale that we were interested in, but as we didn't end up buying it, I won't go into detail on that. We did find a few "Treasures" though: a heavy duty jack for the shop; several tires; some pick-axes and shovels; a fix-me-up toy for the boys; and Moms' and my favorite: a bright red hat-box full of old hats (and a wig)! We plan to take the hats to Prairie Days. I'll try and get a picture of them soon. :)

We all piled into Andrew's pickup and were down the road a couple miles when, thankfully, Dad remembered something we'd forgotten and we turned around and headed back to the farm. A cow was in labor while he'd been feeding hay and he'd left the gate open out to the pasture so we could check on her before we left, but in our haste and excitement, we'd left the farmyard without closing the gate! As we turned into our yard, I saw a SKUNK in the ditch amongst our lilac bushes, so Jacob went for his gun, while Dad saw that the cow had her calf and then closed the gate, and Andrew drove people hither and thither (Mom and I being the audience). By the time Jacob had his rifle ready, the skunk ducked under the cement slab where a garage used to be across the road, so Andrew drove us back to the house to deposit the rifle in a safe place, and we finally got going...

Later this evening, Dad was across the road feeding the bulls their oats when he saw the skunk again! He used his cell phone to call Jacob and his gun over. We're hopeful that Jacob "Got" the skunk, but don't know for sure, as there was a trail of blood, but the black and white critter did drag itself back under the cement slab before Jacob could shoot again...... Now the dogs are barking like mad. I hope it isn't the skunk they're after! Phew!

I found a surprise waiting for us in the goat barn during evening chores! YES, ONE OF OUR GOATS KIDDED!!!!!! :) She had 2 doelings, both of which are very adorable. I carried one into Mom to show her, as Mom had stayed inside to clean the house quickly before our weekly feast. She was sure surprised! I will get a picture of them tomorrow and share it here next time...

It was just such a nice day, being all together, enjoying life in the bright sunshine.


Laura said...

Good Morning Miss Cora Beth,

I'm so glad that you and your family were able to spend a day together...spending time with your family is so important! We love going to things such as auctions or big yard sales and just never know what treasures you might come home with! We also have a place located right at our transfer station in town (aka the town dump) called "Larry's Swap Shop" where we get the most incredible deals...especially on tools and equipment.

Please wish your mom a "Happy Mother's Day" from all of us here in Maine...I'm sure that you and your family will treat her just like a queen tomorrow!

With love,
Mrs. Laura

Miss Linda said...

What a delightful day you all had. I truly enjoyed reading all about it. Please convey to your mother my warmest wishes for a joyous and blessed Mother's Day!