Sunday, May 29, 2011

"We'll gather lilacs in the Spring again..."

As the song says, we did gather lilacs this Spring again! Actually, in all honesty, it was Dad who picked this deliciously sweet-smelling bouquet. :)

Dad and Andrew dug out the motorcycles they fixed up (they haven't sold them yet, obviously) and went for a ride in the fresh morning air.

I did not get any more sewing done today, as I helped Mom clean up the kitchen and worked on some outdoor projects (hanging laundry on the line; opening the greenhouse doors; doing the chores...) before heading to work in town for the rest of the day. This was what I worked on yesterday though:

I cut all the cute little square fabric pieces (that I got from my dear friend, Rachel,) in half,

...then I sewed one triangle together with another triangle that matched it and made all these squares. Later, I sewed all the squares together in one long line. I also cut out the dress material, so now when I have some time, I can really do some sewing. :)

That's all for now. It's late and I should really get some sleep! I'll leave you though with a few fun quotes that arrived in my e-mail Inbox today:

  • Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not
    putting it in a fruit salad.

  • The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse
    always gets the cheese.

  • Dolphins are so smart that within a few weeks of captivity,
    they can train people to stand on the very edge of a pool
    and throw them fish.

  • When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire
    Department usually uses water.

    and last, but certainly not least:

  • Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than
    standing in a garage makes you a car!

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Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Very nice, Cora Beth. Those are wise sayings. Beautiful sewing too! May Christ bless! :)