Friday, May 13, 2011

Tomorrow is a special day.... it is my dear dad's birthday! :) Dad's cousin, Jerome is coming to join us for the day and the B. grandparents were thinking of coming, but now they've decided not to, as I still have this cold and Grandpa has to be so very careful about not being exposed to illness as he's not very strong.....

Today was a special day, as another kid was born! Also, Mom and I got our house cleaned (fish aquarium included) and a feast prepared and the greenhouse watered, and the guys worked most of the day on the corn planter and other things in the shop.....

Yesterday was a special day too! (I was going to write last night and tell you all about it, but Blogger was having complications, so I wasn't able to get on.)

While I was working at the nursing home yesterday afternoon, our Administrator, Mr. R. walked up to me and handed me a booklet and some papers and told me that I'd been nominated for one of the "Caregiver Awards" and thanked me for the good work I do. How exciting!!!!

I remembered then how I'd sat in the staff lounge last year, paging through the 2010 Caregiver Recognition book, wondering if my name would ever be there under the Napoleon listing. Now indeed, it is. :)

My prayer and goal, while working with the elderly, has been that they would feel God's love shining through me as I help them with the every day tasks of living that are now difficult for them to accomplish on their own. The following (by the lady who nominated me), which was written by one of the residents' wives (a mother of 14, whom I've come to know well and love!), was encouraging to me, to see that she is feeling some of that love.....

"She (Cora) is so kind and gentle; she is soft spoken and polite. She always makes you feel like she has time to spend with you and that she enjoys that time."

That really made my day and I still smile when I think of it! :) Isn't it amazing what a few encouraging words can do for a person? Let's remember to pass out some encouragement to someone else today!


Laura said...

Good Morning Miss Cora Beth!

Well, you certainly have lots to celebrate today, don't you! First of all, please wish your dad a very Happy Birthday from all of us. I'm sure that you all will make it a very special day for him.

Congratulations on your special award! I know that you will treasure is such a blessing to be a blessing to others. We've often spoken as a family how the elderly in our community have so much to share with others...their knowledge and wisdom and experience...and yet, for the most part, are ignored. That's one of the reasons we love homeschooling so has given us the chance to really become involved with the people who live around us. Samuel has learned so much from the older folks he spends time with...he's gone hunting, dog training, worked on cars...and many other wonderful memories made that he will cherish forever. Thank you for reaching out to these folks...sharing God's love as He commands us to do.

Hope your cold is almost over...the mustard plaster is a wonderful remedy...I pray it was successful!

Have a blessed weekend,
Mrs. Laura

Josh said...

Good Morning Miss Cora Beth,

My mother shared with me this morning that it was your father's birthday. I just wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday.

Also, congratulations on being nominated for the award. Your comment about God's love shining through you reminded me of Matthew 5:16..."Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."

Hope you and your family have a great day.

God Bless,

Kimberly said...

Congratulations on the award. If I were to be in a care center I would want someone like you helping me. It's so nice that you are appreciated there. I'm sure it makes doing the work a little easier.

buzzyblueeyes said...

Hey Cora, Congratulations on your special award. You are a special Child of God. I 'm sure everyone around you can feel and see the love of God in and through you.

God Bless you in your service for Him. Vangie

Miss Linda said...

What a wonderful testament of godly womanhood you are, dear Cora Beth! You seem to be exhibiting in your life the principles of I Peter 3:4 and that is such an inspiration! Congratulations on your well-deserved reward. God be praised!