Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm working on a picture post...

...of the results of the big wind/rain/hail storm that swept through our part of the country last night (at speeds of approximately 90MPH!), but it's getting quite late now, so I'll finish the post tomorrow sometime.

We were all thanking the Lord tonight that the damage that was done on our farm was minimal compared to how some others fared. One of our neighbors told me today that someone 6 miles South of Kintyre had severe damage done to her house and other buildings too......

I'll write more tomorrow!



Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Well, I'll look forward to seeing them. I praise the Lord that He protected you and your family... at least bodily. And I pray your cattle too... My prayers with you and yours! Carra

Miss Linda said...

Cora Beth, I'm so concerned. I am praying earnestly for you and your family. I pray that the devastation wasn't too severe.

Cora Beth said...

Dear friends,
Rest at ease! We and our animals are all safe. Only some things were blown around a bit and the rafters on our building all fell down and broke apart. Thank you for the prayers though!


Laura said...

Dear Miss Cora Beth,

I just opened your comment on my blog! I so glad you were finally able to get through. People have been having such trouble with blogging lately. Hopefully, all the glitches will be worked out soon.

I'm so sorry to hear about the terrible windstorm that you all had...but am praising God that you are all safe and sound. I hope that your greenhouse wasn't too've worked so hard at getting your plants started and everything. I know the hours it takes getting gardens going. I wished we lived close enough to come and help you all with your clean-up and rebuilding. Please know that you are all in our well as all of those suffering in these storms. It certainly has been the year for storms!

In answer to your question about the actually has three separate faces on the head...two of the faces get hidden when you pull the bonnet, the doll must always have a bonnet of some kind on. The tears never "go away"...they just get hidden. I am so thankful that that doesn't happen with us when we have given our lives to Jesus. His love takes our sorrows away...and brings us such joy and peace.

Praying that you all will have a very calm and quiet week...please give our love to everyone...
God bless,
Mrs. Laura