Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pizza day!

This morning, I baked bread again and used some of the dough to make a pizza for lunch. Jacob helped me make a fruit pizza too, as we'd bought some kiwi and pineapple just for that purpose. :)

This day was spent in cutting down more hay and combining the rest of the wheat. I worked the first half of a PM shift at the nursing home today, so was home in time to make supper.

We talked to Mom on Andrew's I-Pod tonight. She said the class was very good and informitive, but there was so much to learn that she is pretty tired, now that class is over with. They'll be leaving early in the morning, so she said she may be home in time to cook supper tomorrow night for the guys. :) Please pray for safe travels for her! Thanks so much.

That was our day. Oh yes, one more thing... We 4 spent a little time tonight playing "Hang-man" on the computer, but decided we like the paper version better as, when the computer picks the words, we quite often do not even know the word it picks and then it's awfully hard to even guess letters!!! It was still fun though.

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Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Dear Cora,
I made bread for supper yesterday, and herb bread... and I was going to make pizza, but my Dad really wanted spaghetti. :) So we had that instead. Now we have an extra loaf of herb bread to eat with sandwiches while we work this week. I think it will be good!

Yours, Carra

PS. Praying for safe travels for your Mom.