Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bull fight.

Andrew and I did chores this morning, then jumped on the 4-wheelers and headed up to the pasture to move the cows. They had moved themselves (by breaking down the fence) and needed to be in that one cell for a few more days. While moving them quite a ways, two of the bulls got feisty and decided to push around on each other. They wouldn't stop for the longest time, but thankfully, God had the strongest bull be in back, so he was pushing the weaker one in the right direction and slowly moved along behind the rest of the herd. Eventually, just as we got close to the gate, they quit fighting and walked nicely through to their old stomping grounds....

Happy September everyone! It felt like Fall here all day.

I worked in town again today. Now I'm done for the week though. I'm very tired tonight, so will post this without further ado. :)


Rachel Beth said...

Happy September, Cora! :) Enjoy the Fall. It's Spring here now (more like Summer though!)
Hope you have a good rest over the weekend.
God bless.
Lots of love,

Miss Linda said...

Goodness, that sounds a bit scary! Bulls are such huge, strong beasts! I hope they didn't hurt themselves with their sparring! I'm so glad your temperatures are so pleasant! I'm very thankful for the onset of Autumn!!

Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Dear Cora,
So sorry I'm late again. Days are so full now, I just have absolutely no time for blogging, as I used to.

Hopefully I will soon, if it pleases the Lord. I always enjoy your posts. :) Thank you for sharing.

I am thankful your weather is pleasant. It was 95 or close to 100 today, and we worked outside all day, on a paint job... phew... were we ever hot. I'm tired now.
But I am so very thankful, and my heart is so full of Joy and Praise. The Lord Jesus is truly Good.

With love, Carra

Cora Beth said...

Dear Rachel Beth,
How funny to think that you have Winter behind you now when we are just starting to notice the days cool off here on the other side of the world! Happy September to you!

Miss Linda,
How nice it is to hear from you again!!!!
The bulls, thankfully, didn't hurt anything but the one bulls' pride. :) They are such powerful animals, they frighten me sometimes!
Happy nearly Autumn to you!

Friend Carra,
This truly is a busy time of the year on the farm, isn't it? What with the harvest to bring in and all.... It is so wonderful though, to reap the rewards the Lord has given us for our labor!
You definitely have warmer weather there than we have here. It was in the 70s for most of the day, although this morning it was a good dealer cooler than that. It must have been miserable to paint in that kind of heat?
Thank you for your faithful correspondance!

Love to all,