Friday, January 27, 2012

Busy day.

That it was.

Jacob helped me clean the house. Andrew worked out in the shop most of the day (Jacob helped him out there too.) I made chicken; stuffing; and fruit pizza for supper.

I talked to Mom a little bit ago on the phone and she said they're having a marvelous time. They are just now watching the "White elephant auction", one where all the funds on the donated items goes to NPSAS. Someone just bid $350 on a 20lb bag of garlic! :)

Jacob and I helped Andrew get ready to go this evening by packing him his lunch and supper. He plans to leave at 6:00AM. OH, the phone is ringing.... It's probably Mom again. Jacob just got it.

Well all, have a wonderful weekend! May God bless you REEEEEAL good.~ :)


Maddy said...

May God bless you too this weekend, Cora, and your parents. It is already Saturday afternoon here!... and it is still raining :).

Cora Beth said...

Thank you for the blessing, Maddy!
AFTERNOON??? Wow! I'm just getting ready to go to sleep. It's still Friday night. :) We're glad it's not raining here, as then we'd have a very slippery wonderland, which would be pretty but dangerous!