Friday, January 6, 2012

Hopefully we have enough cleaners now!

Dad and Jacob went to purchase and bring home another grain-cleaning unit East of Jamestown this morning. Dad will use this trailer now for his cleaner and move some cleaners around to make an altogether better unit...

Mother cleaned the house and, in the process, went through some boxes of sewing items from our neighbor that's been sitting in her room for a while.

Andrew stayed home and worked on his pickup.

I went over to our neighbors' house and babysat 2 of their children again so the others could go to Bismarck and get Michael's sling/splint off his arm finally. The remaining 3 of us read books; watched Popeye; played with toys and made a "Tent" with one of Amelia's blankets, oh, and cooked and ate. :)

Tomorrow, Mother, Andrew and I will be attending a meeting on delegate training. Should be interesting! I found the following cartoon video a few days ago and thought it was well worth sharing with you all:

Let's be wise, not foolish.................... Take a stand for truth!

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