Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The cows are awake tonight!


Well, probably because my family (except myself, who was babysitting at Helens') sorted off all the calves today and weaned them. It helps that the cows are able to get right alongside the calves (with a fairly-sturdy metal-panel fence in-between them) so they can at least see their babies and touch noses with them. They are still quite noisy though. Dad recommended we all turn some nice music on tonight to fall asleep to. :)

By the time I got home from Helens' at 3:00, Mom was in Bismarck doing sessions for clients already. Dad and Jacob put in some extra fence posts along where the calves are (a little panel-stay-up insurance) and Andrew and I headed across the road with screwdrivers, a big metal bar, and lots of hot water to try and thaw out the water fountain for the bulls (my family sorted them off today too and ran them across the road to that pen). We never did get the water working (my dad ended up just hauling some water over there for the night), as it was getting dark and we had to eat an early supper and head for Bismarck, all except for Dad who stayed home to do chores.

We 3 younger people met up with Mom at the library for another United States Constitution over-view meeting. We'd invited several friends and were so glad to see some of them show up, plus a few others that had learned about the meeting from other sources. The speaker tonight was a gentleman from MT. It sounds like there is interest in getting another 3-part meeting set up in Bismarck in the near future, so if you're interested, you can let us know for more details (I'll probably be blogging about it too.) :) We learned several things once again tonight (about how our government works--or doesn't, and how it's supposed to work) and how, if we just will work together to hold our Senators/Representatives/Etc... to their oath to uphold the constitution (get new, honest people in charge if need-be), there is hope that this country can turn around from the dark road it's now following. Good stuff!

I know the John Birch Society (named after a wonderful missionary man who was murdered by "Important" people who didn't like all the good he was doing) has had some bad things said about them (FYI: they are MOST definitely not in favor of communism--and actually speak against such things--and they're NOT racists!) but then, that is the case with anything right and true, good and wholesome, isn't it?

This society has been around for many, many years too.... I just wonder how we never heard of them before this last March? I'd strongly encourage people who are concerned/worried/depressed about the way this country is headed to check into your local JBS chapter, or, if there isn't such a thing, to create one. If you don't have any idea how to start, please come to the next meetings that are set up! :)

Remember, "Evil prospers when good men do nothing!"

Yes, I believe the Lord is in control of all that happens and that He can (and does) do wondrous things, but I also believe that He wants us to do our part in fighting for what is right! Got your armor shined up?

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Kristi said...

Glad to hear you speak like this, Cora. Getting involved in the fight is always good.

I had heard of the John Birch Society for years, but only from references in articles read I think. I don't think I've ever heard of local meeting around here. I also hadn't heard of John Birch being a missionary martyr.