Thursday, January 5, 2012

Is it Spring already?

This has been like no other ND winter that I remember! Today the thermometer registered the temp. in the 50s (F) and there was mud on the driveway. It was so lovely, in fact, that I decided to clean out the greenhouse a bit so as to be ready for spring when it truly does come! The warm days are so wonderful for the 10 or so baby calves that have been born as of late too...........

Mother and Jacob spent quite a bit of time on Jacob's school lessons. Andrew was in Bismarck for most of the day, as he took his black Charger police-car up to get the wheels balanced and to get some fancy lettering done on the sides where the word, "Sheriff" used to be. :) (I'm sure he'll be sharing pictures soon.)

Dad spent a good part of the morning in Napoleon, getting supplies and doing some banking business.

Yes, once again I'll say, "It was a good day!"

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