Saturday, January 7, 2012

Delegate training...

Mom, Andrew and I had a very interesting time at the "Delegate Training" seminar today! We met up with Mr. Stevens at Steele and gave him a ride the rest of the way to Bismarck, so even our journey to and from the class was very informative and pleasant.

Mom and Andrew had already been through the training once before (in Fargo, a while back), but say that they learned even more this second time through, which I can believe, as I'm a bit lost on a few of the procedures and need to study more if I'm going to be a delegate for Dr. Ron Paul and/or Mr. Paul Sorum! I got to meet Mr. Sorum and have high hopes that I was shaking the hand of the next Governor of our great state! (FYI--he and his wife homeschool{ed} their children.)

The class was from 1:00-6:00PM, although we went over and beyond that by quite a bit while doing a mock session....

Before we left, our teacher handed Mother several of the Paul Family's cookbooks (which also shares the story of Mr. Paul's life---a very interesting and refreshing read), so if any of you would like one, just let me know!

Now.....on to the next step: finding others in our district (#28) who are Ron Paul supporters and who are willing to be delegates to the state convention or, who are at least willing to come to the District meeting and vote for those of us who are willing to be.............................. Got any volunteers? :)

This is such an important time in history...
If we don't stand up for and back up the things/people we believe in now, who knows when the next time may be that we'll have a chance to? Will there be others who are willing to run in this wild race, to stand up for the things that once made this country great? Others who love and want to serve God to the best of their ability? Others who believe in keeping the oath they once swore to, to follow the constitution? People who are not swayed by what everyone else is saying and doing, but who stand on what is right? I hope so, but even more so, I hope and pray that these men of God who are doing this very thing now WILL win this battle! We could use a refreshing change in this Country!!!

Say, by the way, who would you vote for to be president if you had your choice??? I'd really like to hear what you have to say!


Kristi said...

Hi Cora, Our family is also voting for Ron Paul, and I would like one of the cookbooks if you still have any left by the next time any of us are "in the area". : )

Wish I knew of one of these delegate training opportunities, or at least the voting for delegates to the state convention, but I have never heard of this process that you described.

Speaking of great governors, we have an awesome governor ourselves in Wisconsin. You might have heard of Gov. Scott Walker if you've heard of the fight in our state against the unions. (I don't know how much people outside of Wisconsin know.)

We went to the capitol to stand up for him last January, and Michaeljon ended up with a sound bite on Good Morning America (we were told by friends). Now things are rough for Gov. Walker, as I've seen the opponents circulating recall petitions all over the Milwaukee area. Please pray for this Godly man if you would during your family's prayer time.

Cora Beth said...

Dear Kristi,
Thank you so much for writing! Yes, I'll for sure be praying for your governor in this time of need... I have not heard of him before, but then I don't listen to the news too much.
I'm wondering if you could go to Ron Paul's website and find out there who your states' coordinator is? Then he could direct you from there as far as how and when to become a delegate if you're willing. I am not a very brave sort of person when it comes to things like this, but I do want to help in whatever way I can, so plan to try and be a delegate for Ron Paul, along with Mother and Andrew. Jacob's too young and Dad is too busy during that the time of year when we'll be at the GOP convention (providing we get to be delegates.) I hope your state offers delegate training also, as what we learned at our meeting was very helpful! We too were totally ignorant of the whole process before this year. I'm glad you're willing to help!!! Like you said, even if you don't feel up to being a delegate, other potential delegates may need your help getting to that point by you registering as a Republican (this has to be done in advance, and can be done on-line at the GOP website and costs $36.50....just be sure to print off a reciept and take it with you when you go to try and become a delegate or to vote for others) and then voting for them.
It's been amazing to us as we've been talking to people to find out how many people are in favor of Ron Paul being our next president and it gives me hope that there still are people desiring good and right things in this country! :)
I'll do my best to save your family a cookbook, although if you do get in touch with your state coordinator, I'm sure he'd be more than willing to give you one too---plus others to hand out and share with people----to spread the word, in other words. We also put RON PAUL bumper stickers on our vehicles. :)

Well, I hope I answered your questions. If not, feel free to write again. :) I'm still learning too!
Have a wonderful weekend and God bless,