Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pictures I took at camp:

Here are the slightly-belated pictures that I promised from Cabin Fever Family Camp, 2012. Enjoy! :)

We picked room #:

....just a couple rooms down the hallway from a couple sweet families we know.

It was a comfy, yellow room with many beds to choose from. Jacob and I slept on the top bunks and I do believe mine was the noisiest in the room! None of us slept very well the first night, but the second night was much better. Andrew was home doing chores Friday night and then Dad went home and did them Saturday evening... "Thanks again, guys!"After the first talk by Mr. Swanson, all the young people headed for the gym. Here are some people lined up on one end of the building:
...and more people on the other end, all of them just waiting for someone to say "Go" so they could all run to the middle and try to grab a ball for a game of something like freeze-tag, except, if you were tagged, you went in "Jail". You had a chance to escape from jail if one of your team-mates got someone from the other team in "Jail".

My friend, Hayley, all in a blur, with her yellow ball:

During the "Free time" on Saturday and Sunday, there were many games of volleyball being played! (Can you spot Andrew in this picture?)

Saturday night, after Mr. Swanson's last talk, many people went roller skating. Here is a dusty picture of Andrew: He was so kind as to take me for several spins around the room while I was trying to get used to being on wheels. :) I didn't fall even once, although I almost did several times!

This is a picture of the girls' dorm where our family stayed:

The large gym:

The boys' dorm---which also had a fellowship area:

The dining hall:

The chapel:

More volleyball: (If you look closely, you can spot my friend, Miranda in this picture.) :)

We made several new friends and enjoyed the time of fellowshipping with them and with our dear "Old" friends as well!!! Here you can see Mom, watching the volleyball game along with some other ladies:
That's all of my pictures. I know Mother took more pictures than I did this time and Andrew video-taped Mr. Swansons' talks, so we have several things to remember this family camp by.

I think it delights the Lord when His people get to know each other and find encouragement in one anothers' experiences! I praise Him for getting us to camp this year...............

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Dawn Bornemann said...

Dear Cora,
Thanks for capturing our wonderful time here. It seems better somehow when we write about our lovely times and save them with posts and especially with pictures. Thanks, too, for the new pictures on the kitchen wall!
I LOVE your blog!