Sunday, January 8, 2012

So glad...

While at work in town this afternoon, I asked one of my coworkers if she'd be willing to work for me on Sunday and she said she WOULD, and I'm SO glad! :) Why? Well, this weekend, my family and I will be attending (for the first time ever) the "Cabin Fever Family Camp" at Crystal Springs. We have several friends who will be there, so it will be such a wonderful time of fellowship!!! I was scheduled to work on Sunday though, so was very much hoping I could get that day off, and now it worked out so I can! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!

I'm not even sure what all went on around here today, as everyone was already sleeping when I got home a few minutes ago. I'll let you know tomorrow if it was anything super exciting. :)

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Rachel said...

That's great Cora! :D Can't wait to hear all about it! :) Even these small reminders that God hears our prayers are encouraging, right! ;) *hugs* I'm so glad you get to go like you wanted to!

Love you bunches!

{I have your letter all ready to go in the mail but I haven't gotten to the post office yet...sorry! I'll try to get that sent off this week! :) Love you!}