Monday, January 30, 2012

May the best man win....

I'm so glad that some people still believe in taking a stand for what is right!

On quite a different, more humorous note, this was shared by a friend the other day and I thought it was kind of fun. Can you find the baby in this picture?

It took me a while to see it!

Andrew had quite good success with the car he's been working on for a customer and also on the light blue car he's fixing up (possibly to sell to Mom?). My dad hauled our neighbors' wheat to Harvey, then came back and loaded up another load of hay to sell down South. Hay sales have been such a blessing to our family this year! We are indeed sad for the people down in the southern states who've been suffering such a terrible drought, but we are glad that God sent the moisture here so we can help fulfill a need to those who are hurting.

We serve a wonderful Lord!

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