Monday, January 16, 2012

We had a wonderful time of fellowship!

My family and I met many new families at camp and visited with several old friends as well. We talked a lot and some of us played volleyball a lot. Andrew and I went roller-skating in the gym Saturday evening with a bunch of young people. Jacob enjoyed playing board games with several new friends and he also talked some people into ice skating with him. :) There were lots of dishes to do after each meal and we did help the Geiger family prepare the meal they shared with everyone too (Mom cut up the biggest bowl-full of broccoli that I've ever seen!).

Friday evening and Saturday, we were blessed with messages by Mr. Kevin Swanson from Colorado. Talk about an interesting speaker! We loved hearing what was on his heart. Mom bought his Proverbs handbooks to go through with Jacob in school and, as they were reading in them today, Jacob said, "I can just imagine how him saying that." :) I enjoyed meeting his daughter also...

Andrew stayed home and did chores Friday night and Saturday morning, then Dad did them Sat. night and Sunday morning, so the rest of us got to have a real vacation! The bunkhouse was nice and warm and the bunkbeds were fairly comfortable, although very squeaky!!!

We have lots of pictures to share in the days ahead, but I just got home from working in town now and am too tired to load them onto my computer from my camera and then wait for them to load here, so that will have to wait for another day.

If you would, please pray for us now as most of us have a sore throat today. Ugggggg.


Maddy said...

This sounded like such a special time of fellowship, Cora. Aren't these 'real' vacations lovely! The jersey cow has dried up for now, so I'm on a vacation of sorts too :).
Will be praying for you, those sore throats must be unpleasant :(. There's so much illness around at the moment - on both sides of the world it seems. In sickness and in health, may His Name be praised.
God bless,

Rachel said...

Hayley R, told Heather about seeing you at Family Camp. Can't wait to see the pictures!:)

Cora Beth said...

Thank you for your prayers, Maddy! It is nice to be on a milking-vacation, isn't it? :) Our goats are currently dry, and Andrew milks his cow, Sally most of the time, so I'm on a rather long vacation currently. I still go out and help with caring for the animals though...

Dear Rachel,
It was so good to hear from you!! I just loaded and posted my pictures and put the one of Hayley on especially for you, even though it's a bit blurry!

May God bless you both richly,