Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day #20...

My family went and spent the day with my Bornemann relatives, playing games; visiting; and eating.

I came down with a cold yesterday though and didn't want to spread that around (plus I just didn't feel up to going visiting!), so I stayed home. I cleaned up the house a bit; did a little laundry; rested for a while; then watched the first half of Anne (of Green Gables). :) I am thankful that I didn't need to work in town today so that I could just take it easy and hopefully get over this bug soon! Plus, this way, I was home to do the milking so the others could stay later than usual. All things work together for good.....

A friend of mine asked how the cake I made (in the shape of a hexagon) would be cut? Well, I guess you can cut it just about any way you like, but if you want to do it the CORRECT way, you can choose between the 2 different methods shown at this site and this site. I thought I'd share this here, just in case any of the rest of you were curious about cutting cakes...... :)

I pray you all have a wonderful week,


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