Monday, November 21, 2011

Day #21~



We had a really nice day, getting some projects done that needed doing (the guys worked in the shop, getting ready to build a wall so they can insulate and then heat the shop for the long Winter months! Mom and I made another batch of apple sauce/juice and I made a batch of Freezer Tomato Sauce and worked on taking the tops off of more carrots.)

This evening, we all went into Napoleon for the first of several John Birch Society meetings (our friend, Chris S. from Jamestown is teaching the class) and it was SOOO good! Our country has drifted so far from obeying the great constitution that it began with, but there is still hope that things can be turned around! If the good men (and women) of this country will work together, then there is hope indeed! As we know, "Evil prospers when good men do nothing!"

We had hoped there would be more people than the 9 of us there attending, but we ended up getting into some good discussions and are excited to get together again next month. I learned a lot and hope others will join us for the next meeting (tentatively scheduled for Dec. 17th at 7:00PM in Napoleon also....) Let me know if you'd like more information!

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