Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day #26~

It is hard to believe November is nearly over! I've found I'm thankful for so many things---many more than just 30. :)

As I do need to pick just one thing tonight though, I'll say that I'm very thankful for good, wholesome games to play together as a family! We all spent a good portion of the afternoon playing Andrew's farming board game, "Agricola"---with the expansion. It was pretty complex with all the new pieces added into the game, but Andrew must have got it figured out, as he won by quite a long shot! I think our family's favorite game is still "Settlers of Catan"---with a couple expansions....

I'm also grateful for a day of rest on which to spend time together as a family, relaxing; worshiping God; studying His word; and just plain old having fun. :)

It sounds like there's another very busy week ahead of us now........ I'm thankful for rest, and for work! Without one, the other would get quite old, don't you think?

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