Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day #6...

Tonight, I just want to thank God for the seasons and the wide variety of weather we have during them. Fall and Winters in North Dakota can be quite cold at times (we had a little dusting of snow today), but I'm glad for that, as we're together more as a family when it's freezing outside and have a lot more time for doing the things we enjoy (reading, writing, playing piano, cooking, fixing things....).

Playing board games is one thing we all enjoy doing together in our spare moments/hours. This evening, we were all together, so we played Jacob's new birthday game:
We haven't quite figured out the strategies to this game, but had fun learning all the rules and regulations and Mother was so very happy to win the first game we played! :)

One of Andrew's hobbies is fixing up cars that have engine/transmission problems and then reselling them. He found a good deal on a car this morning (on BisMan); borrowed a friends' car trailer; and he and Jacob drove to Bismarck and picked it up this afternoon. Now he has something to work on again....

Dad spent the afternoon in the cold tractor, hauling hay in from the field. Mother and I worked in the nice warm house. It was a good day.

I really enjoyed reading my friend, Rachel's thankfulness post today and thought I'd point you in her direction if you have time a little extra time for reading. Click HERE. I especially liked this part:

"I love that my God is so BIG He can fill the universe...and so "small" that He can dwell in my heart."

What a wondrous thought!

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Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Dear Cora, that is a wondrous thought. :)

It is very nice that you had such a good day, my friend. I pray the Lord will bless you.

My family and I had a good restful day yesterday, as well. It was a lovely autumn day. So warm, it's hardly seeming autumn... well, except the fallen leaves, and the trees growing more and more bare every day.
Yours, Carra