Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day #24---an extra special thankful day!

I am thankful for photos (and memories) of the good old days....

I hope your Thanksgiving was as pleasant as mine!

After spending the morning in the kitchen with Mother, we ate a regular feast! The turkey was tender; the potatoes and browned butter hit the spot; the cranberry sauce was tasty, as always; the dressing, delicious; the pies-----well, they weren't quite cool enough to eat yet, so we had some cake instead!

I did eat a piece of pie when I got home from work in town tonight though!

Oh, and these are our turkeys on Thanksgiving day: If they knew about what happens to most turkeys this time of year, they'd be most thankful that they're 4 years old already and too tough to be appetizing! :)

This is part of what I did in the kitchen this morning:

I took this cake along to work to share at the potluck meal.... One of my coworkers liked it so much that she took 3 pictures of it on her phone and then was showing the pictures to everybody. :)

It was a lovely day and I'm so very thankful for the MANY blessings the Lord has bestowed upon us all!!!!!!!!!

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Lynn Bartlett said...

You make such beautiful cakes, Cora, and this one is the best yet! What a wonderful talent, and a tasty one, too!