Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day #8...

Today, I am especially thankful for:


We've waited this long to dig our potatoes/carrots from the field, as the guys have been so busy and we knew this would be a big project that we'd need their help with. Andrew was home today, however, as was myself and Mother AND Jacob, so we spent most of our day working on bringing the potatoes in.

This Spring, we planted, what was it?, 300 lbs of potatoes so as to have extras this Fall to sell. They produced pretty well and we didn't even get the first row completely dug today (and there are 4 rows to do.)

Andrew went along the row with the small plow and dug up the potatoes. The plants were hard to see, however, and if he didn't get it just in the right location, the dirt would pile back on top of the potatoes, which meant we had to dig for them...

Mom and the boys:

We were very thankful for the lovely day (although it did get pretty cold when the sun set)!

My brothers and I:

Occasionally, we'd find a large turnip that came from the cover-crop planted just beside the potatoes. Jacob thought they made excellent throw-toys (and they really did go far!). We hauled a few in for the goats as well. :)
We took a 5-minute carrot eating break and laid down for a little while to stretch out our tired muscles. Can you see my brothers and I? We're camouflaged pretty well!

It was a great, 'though tiresome day!

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Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Dear Cora,

Glad you had a lovely day. Doing things as a family, always makes work fun. :)

Love Carra