Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day #27...

I am thankful tonight for the gift of kindness! I was the recipient today of such an act of generosity, when the sister-in-law of one of our residents asked me today if I would like a silk jumper that she had no use for anymore? I said I would be pleased to accept it, so she came over again later with not only a soft, black jumper, but a silky pink blouse to go with it! I thanked her ever so much and gave her a hug... :) This is the 4th of such acts of kindness (someone giving me skirts/dresses/blouses) since I've begun working in town. I feel truly blessed!

I am also thankful that Blogger uploaded my pictures this morning without any problems! Are you ready for a tour of the shop-project?

First, the guys picked the spot where they wanted to divide the shop (so there is a smaller area to heat), and they built a wall there...
They left room for a door too! They put up some plastic...

...then a bunch of chip-board.... Jacob and I did a lot of the hammering for this part of the wall.

Andrew had to direct Dad so he knew where to cut the door frame out at. :)

Jacob, smacking the nails in....

"Now it's starting to look like a wall!"

Even without insulation in the walls, the wood stove that the guys installed was keeping the inside temp. about 20 degrees warmer than outside.

See that white thing in the background of this picture? That's our wall--with a door even! Mother and Jacob did most of the painting there, while Dad and Andrew insulated the wall and put another layer of chip-board on the other side of it. Dad wants all the walls painted white in there to reflect as much light as possible so they can see while they're working!

Next step=insulate the walls! Before we could start insulating however, the guys had to take down the plywood that was on the sides of the walls:

Jacob and I hammered out the nails so the plywood could be used again...

Dad filled the cracks along the edges with "Great Stuff".

Finally, it was time to begin putting up the insulation in the walls---a rather itchy job, I must say! It took 4 of us to get the long pieces installed....

It's a good thing Andrew's not scared of heights!!!

....and this is how far we got (except we did put up a few pieces of plywood on the left side there)! Before we can put up more insulation, the guys have to tear apart some built-in storage shelves, and their work bench, and then take down the plywood that's behind there. This project will take quite a bit more time, but it's great to be getting a start on it! The guys have dreamed of having a heated shop again ever since we moved here 8 years ago.

Some dreams really do come true!

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