Monday, December 5, 2011

Another full day away...

I got up early this morning and headed for Helen's Daycare to watch the children so she could go with her husband to Bismarck for appointments. Another lady came and took over at 1:40 so that I could quickly change and drive into town (Helens' house is a few miles out of Napoleon) and be in time to work my PM shift at the nursing home. I'm pretty tired tonight and am glad I can sleep in a little bit in the morning! :)

The others worked out in the shop again today. They said that if they have one more good day, they should be done with the sheeting and then can take back the scissor-lift. Then they will put in a small door on the front side of the shop; insulate the large shop door; paint all the sheeting white; move their bench back in place............ There still is lots to do, but we are grateful for the progress that's been made---safely!

I will leave you now with the "Good Clean Funnies" joke of the day.

It's called: Live and Learn

Psychiatry students were in their Emotional Extremes class.
"Let's set some parameters," the professor said. "What's the
opposite of joy?" he asked one student.

"Sadness," he replied.

"The opposite of depression?" he asked another student.

"Elation," he replied.

"The opposite of woe?" the prof asked a young woman from

The Texan replied, "Sir, I believe that would be giddyup."


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Hey Cora! :)

Things have gotten kind of busy around here again, and things are getting cold too...

But... then again, it was in the 70's today. It's supposed to be dropping from here, for a while though.

Almost all the goats are through milking now... :( But thank the Lord for a break in that routine. :)

I really love the fact that the Lord has given you a chance to work with children. I do love children, and would love to work with some, someday.
The Lord is very Good.

Praying for you. Thanks for the nice posts. :)
Yours, in Jesus, Carra

Cora Beth said...

I can not imagine 70 degree weather at this time of year, Carra! How beautiful that must be... I am very thankful that this Fall has been so mild in ND, as last year we had a good bit more snow than we have now and it was a lot colder. I think it got up to 30 degrees here today...

Our goats are all dry too and have been for about a month. Andrew is still milking his cow, Sally though, so we have milk for the house. Do you buy milk when you're not milking goats, or do you freeze some so as to have some on hand?

Blessings to you, friend,