Thursday, December 22, 2011

Do you know????

Is there a way to make microwave popcorn without using a microwave? Can I just put it in our on-the-stove-top corn popper? I was given a bag of "Goodies" at work today and got a bag of mic. popcorn and, as we don't have a microwave anymore, I was just wondering what to do with it? Suggestions anybody?

Mother and Jacob went to Bismarck today to do some errands (and Mom had some sessions to do.) They washed the car; bought supplies for Mom's special birthday meal; bought a food gift for my Bornemann grandparents (who we may be seeing tomorrow); and they received several free calendars at various places. :) Just this morning, my dad and I were talking about not having any calendars for the new year. "God hears and answers prayer" and wishes too!

I'm not sure what Dad and Andrew all got accomplished today, but I know they were busy in the shop. I spent the morning working on laundry; making lunch (with fresh halvah for dessert); ironing my work clothes; cleaning up the house a bit; then headed for the nursing home to work there.

Can it be almost a new year already? How time does fly......

"Sunrise, sunset..........swiftly flow the days, seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers, blossoming even as we gaze......"


Rachel said...

Hi Cora Beth! :D

Mm, yummy popcorn! My dad bought us a popper earlier this year and it's been great [we have this one -]....but you can also pop popcorn on the stove (here you go; I love this site so I'm sure it will turn out well this way -

Sounds like you had a very productive day! I was busy working away on Christmas ;) HaHa! My feet were pretty sore last night when I was all done, but it feels great to have goodies stored away for munching now for Christmas! :D

Oh, I agree...where *DID* the time go this year!?! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's noticed that (otherwise I'd think it was something wrong with me! *giggles*). ;) Even this week has gone by so quickly and then soon 2011 will be over!! :O *sniff*

I pray you have a blessed week my dear sister in Christ! :)
Love and Hugs and Merry Christmas!

Kristi said...

You should pop it in the microwave at work. I also had this problem a few years ago. So I took my bag of microwave popcorn over to my mom-in-law's house and asked her if I could pop it in her microwave.

What do you know, the following Christmas she bought us a microwave because she thought we needed one! I had to explain that we don't have one because of health concerns. But she didn't mind us taking it back.

Cora Beth said...

Thanks ladies! :) I was planning to take it to pop it at my grandparents' place last Friday, and even had it along, but forgot about it entirely while we were there! I guess I'll have to take it to work....

That's really funny about your In-laws, Kristi---about them buying you a microwave! It was a kindly gesture, they just didn't understand the reason you did not own one. :) We got rid of ours several years ago for health reasons also and haven't missed it much since. I think the only time we really miss it is when we want to soften some butter quickly for spreading.

Thanks for writing!