Monday, December 12, 2011

Mother is home... and sound. She arrived at about 9:30 this evening. We looked at pictures from her trip and then looked at all her pretty Canadian money. :) She had a wonderful time and is glad to be home too!

The rest of us worked on special projects today. I don't want to write about mine yet, as I haven't shown it to Mother yet. I'm waiting for her to find it on her own....

The guys were happy tonight because they were able to save about $500 by fixing something on the 9030 tractor themselves. They had asked the local machinery shop to get our tractor in to be fixed about 2 months ago, but they've been so busy that they've not been able to do it yet... In the meantime, we've gotten our shop heated, so the guys fixed the tractor on their own, thereby saving all the money they would have spent to have it repaired in the Kintyre shop.

It's been a good day! Be looking for project pictures in the near future----whenever Mom discovers what "It" is. :)

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