Saturday, December 3, 2011

Recent pictures of the shop project:

The following photos are from yesterdays work.

Dad took this one of my brothers and I on the scissor-lift......

...and in this one, we're actually working. :)

Jacob swept up all the wood chips/dust from the floor before we set up the pool table.

I never realized there were so many pieces in a pool table! Here, Dad and Andrew are tightening up the stand:

Then, they tried to make the outside frame more square than it was before....

Jacob, working on bolting in the "Slate".

Andrew, mounting the ball return...

After all that was screwed and bolted together, we put the stand on top and attached that. Then all 4 of us carefully tipped the table right side up.

Andrew vacuumed the table-top carefully while Dad leveled it out...

...and then we played a game before chores. :)

We played several more games this afternoon. Mother came out after a while and won a couple games.... :)

What joy it is to be a part of a fun family!

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Dawn Bornemann said...

Thank you for this wonderful post, Cora! I hope that your readers know that I was busy cleaning the house and preparing the Sabbath feast while you all were working on the shop and setting up the pool table. Just so that nobody thinks I was watching soap operas or yapping on the phone instead of helping with the work. ;)
I AM eager to help in the shop today, though, so I'll need you to show me the ropes.
Let's get to work!