Saturday, December 17, 2011

Just got home from meetin'...

...only this meetin' wasn't quite a church meetin', although pretty close. :) We attended the 2nd of 3 "Constitutional classes" being taught by our friend, Mr. S. tonight in Napoleon. There was just a small number of us in attendance again, but there were some good discussions going and we, once again, learned more than we knew before about our country and the people who are trying to run it now. It is sad to learn of all that's been going on while we are quietly minding our own businesses, trying to enjoy a peaceful life. It is good to learn of hope though too! Together, and with a lot of God's help, we CAN make a difference!!!

The ND field coordinator for the Ron Paul society was also there---a young man, probably not much older than my brother, Andrew. He and Andrew seemed to really enjoy each others' company, and perhaps they'll be working together more in the future..... This young man gave us some bumper-magnets and a couple of cookbooks that Mrs. Paul made, using their familys' own favorite recipes. She also wrote their family history and added that to the pages of the book, along with several pictures of their family over the years. I thought that was a very neat idea!

There is another meeting planned on January 3rd at the Bismarck Public Library (with Mr. Brown from Montana speaking), so it would be great if our ND friends could make it to that! Let me know if you'd like more info......

The rest of our day was pretty quite, until right now, that is, as Lady just started howling! We rested; sang hymns; listened to a DVD message by Mr. Ed Stevens; and played pool in the nice, warm shop. :)

Well, I'm going to try to get some sleep now, although it could be difficult with a hound dog howling loudly right outside the house!

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