Sunday, December 25, 2011

We made Ritz cookies!

This morning, after cleaning the kitchen up a bit, Mom, Jacob and I made our favorite holiday cookies---the kind that Grandpa Delzer used to make each year at Christmas. They're really quite easy to make. You just make little Ritz cracker peanut-butter sandwiches and then dip them in melted chocolate or white almond bark, then let them set 'til firm. I took a tin-full of these to work this afternoon and the night nurse said they brought back so many memories for her, as she hadn't had them since she was a little girl! :)

Speaking of work in town, it was a busy day, but fun, as everyone was happy and excited. When we got there, most everyone was up already from their naps, so we got everyone out to the dining room to open presents. We CNAs (and the nurse, ward-clerk, and activity lady) helped open presents for the people who couldn't do it themselves, then wrote down what they'd received and delivered the items safely to the residents' rooms. It was pretty fun....

Mother had a happy birthday, I think, although yesterday was more special as we were all together and not working on anything. We played classical piano duets for a little while before I had to head for town, and that always makes her day! ;) (I like it too, of course.)

I hope you and yours had a delightful day, spent with those you hold dear!~

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