Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A little splattering of white....

All five of us worked on painting the plywood in the shop this morning. By lunch time, we were half done with the shop and several of us had quite a few little white polka dots all over our faces and hands/arms! We were using rollers (a couple on sticks to reach the higher areas), and 'though those are nice, they do splatter little drops of paint in every direction! I'm not sure how far the rest of my family got out there today as, after noon, I headed for work in town. Dad headed for Bismarck then to return the scissor-lift. Mom, I know, had a session here at the farm for a client. The boys were going to work on moving everything from one side of the shop to the other so we could paint the other half...... I'll try to get pictures tomorrow---before I get my hands all painty again! :)


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

:) I thought you were talking about snow! :) What a perfect title... oh yes. How familiar that splattering is. Those rollers are so very helpful... but can really make a mess! Once we painted a red barn... I was quite speckled, by the day's end. Not a good color to be speckled by!
Your's Carra

Cora Beth said...

:) I can see where you would think it was snow I was talking about by the post title!!! I agree, red is not the most flattering color to be speckled with. The white just made us look like we'd been standing out in a blizzard too long, but red, well, that just would be hard to imagine something nice about. :)

Have a wonderful Friday, Carra!
With love,