Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wait! Is it Spring already?

It was absolutely gorgeous outside today--in the mid 40s! The sun was shining; the birds singing; the snow all melting.....I even got some mud on my shoes when I took a box of rags I'd cut over to the shop. :) Oh, and besides all that, we've had some very early arrivals in the cattle department yesterday and today! Two of Dad's cows had calves and one of mine had TWINS!!! I thanked God several times today for the lovely weather for those little babies. If they can just get dried off and get up and going, they should hopefully be able to make it through the Winter alright..... Unless, of course, we've just skipped Winter altogether this year, which would be fine with me, except I don't have any seeds ordered for the garden yet!

Our 3 guys worked out in the shop almost all day and are about ready to put Andrew's motor in his car. I think Dad was also working on the 1486 tractor.

Mom and I worked in the house most of the day, working on odd projects that needed doing. I cleaned out my top "Miscellaneous" dresser drawer and got that all organized, which took a while! Mom did several sessions and we both worked together on laundry and dishes... I baked some Peanut Blossom cookies and made a pitcher full of eggnog. Yummy!
Several of my coworkers (at the nursing home) and I got to talking about eggnog one day and I was surprised to find out that so many of them did not like it!! So, I thought it would be fun to take a blog poll, just to find out if this is a nation-wide trend (people not liking eggnog as much as I think they would) or if it's just a Napoleon thing? :)

I'd appreciate if you'd please vote on the poll on my side-bar!


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Hey Cora, :)
It's another busy day here. I just thought I'd drop you a note, and say I had to smile when you mentioned that about the weather. :)
It has been lovely here too. Just our "lovely" is like in the 60's or better. :) Yesterday is was in the high 50's. We still haven't had snow.

Also I've never tried eggnog. So I don't know if I like it or not.

Be blessed.

The K. Family said...

It was beautiful here too! I think it hit 40 degrees. First time our church has gone carolling without everyone freezing! I like eggnog even though our whole family doesn't share that feeling. Rebekah does make some fantastic wassil though that everyone loves.

Cora Beth said...

That IS nice weather! We've had a bit of snow, but it keeps melting, so we may have a brown Christmas after all. I don't mind just dreaming of a white Christmas, do you? ;)

Krahn family,
We are especially grateful for this warm weather with those baby calves just trying to get used to this great big world they entered!
I've only had wassil once at a friends' house, and thought it was very delicious. They used orange tea in theres, amongst other things. Do you think Rebekah would have the time and be willing to share her recipe sometime?

Wishing you all very happy and warm holidays,